About Us


IMA Solution is a dynamic organization, established in 2014, with the vision and a mission to shape businesses. We are an organization that believes in achieving higher goals by providing our dedicated services such as Consulting and Content Writing.


The fast-paced digital world demands new ideation and creation. Our strength lies in content and consulting domain where we get to blend a variety of techniques and styles which cater to several businesses perfectly. We deliver results for your brand, solution to your problems, and conversions that build a powerful connection with clients and audiences. It helps in boosting the business and achieving its set targets.


Our consultation experts guide business leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs to make decisions confidently, backed by data and ingrained with real experiences. Our team works relentlessly and diligently in providing new possibilities and unique solutions that create new experiences.



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I contacted Moiz Vardawala from IMA Solution to seek some help with making strategies for my business. We discussed all of the challenges that I was facing and he was able to provide practical strategies that I could apply immediately. In just three months I am seeing fantastic results.

Shirin Shaikh
Founder of Antarvalay

I got in Touch with Moiz & Team, where we discussed how to improve my existing business workflow. Previously everything was on Excel; I had a separate file for sales, purchase and payments. Thanks to IMA solution, things are well organized & systematic. It gave me a better understanding of my business; and the best part, it’s cloud-based so I can access it from anywhere.

Hamza K.
Raj IT Solutions

IMA Solution has been an amazing team to work with. They have provided us with all the data and research work needed as per our requirement. Thank you so much IMA Solution for all your support.

Netherland Client